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The New Hidden Wiki Link 2020
« on: April 30, 2020, 01:54:55 AM »
The hidden wiki has a new .onion address.

You can now find it at:


You can also still find it on the old domain at:


Or via at:

It is advisable to install an antivirus in your computer. With this software, you can avoid several risks and protect your computer from malicious attacks. If you want to avoid harmful and illegal things, carefully scrutinize available links. Avoid objectionable services and products on this link.
Carefully study the web before visiting any link from hidden wiki or any other directory. If you are sure about the safety of a website, you can get access it and buy desired products and services.

Payments on Deep and Dark Web
The deep web is not secure to make payments. For this reason, you should not consider this platform to make payments. You can scroll through deep web sites, but avoid purchasing anything with your credit or debit card information.
Hackers can access your confidential information after hacking your computer. They can use your information for illegal activities. If you want to purchase essential products, make sure to use bitcoins. Try to choose safe options for these transactions.

Carefully Analyze Content
Regular users of deep/dark web may find it easy to discriminate prohibited and illegal stuff. For these people, it will be easy to avoid banned service and products and heinous videos. Every user needs to get the necessary information on a link obtained from hidden wiki.
Before visiting a website, collect relevant information about this platform. It will help you to finalize your decision about accessing a dark web site. It may help if you don't allow children to access these links. Closely watch their online activities to prevent them from viewing inappropriate content. Your computer should have a children lock so that they canít access illegal or wrong websites.     

Scary Things on the Dark Web
The dark web has numerous disturbing websites. For instance, you can find a complete guide for cooking a human. They offer full instructions for specific types of cuts and the shelf life of these cuts. It can be alarming to watch these things on the dark web.
You can land on a wrong website or download malware on your computer. These things can increase troubles in your life. In numerous situations, people get fake calls and emails full of threats. There is no need to worry about these things. Keep your mind active to understand the reality of these threats.

Increase Your Security Before Visiting Dark Web
If you are visiting an .onion like found on the hidden wiki, you canít consider it safe. You have to make the necessary security arrangements before visiting these websites. Start your search with Tor so that you can access .onion links.
To anonymize your traffic, you will need Tor browser, VPN and an antivirus tool. It will help you to stay safe from your ISP and government. Your anonymity with Tor depends on software on your laptop. There must not be anything to log your activities.
With Tor browser and a VPN, you can decrease the chances of suspicious activities. Make sure to visit a reputed market and search its perfect link from directories, such as a hidden wiki. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the right links. These links are subject to change over time.

TorLinks serves as an alternative to the hidden wiki. You can see a list of sites on the dark web along with different categories. Some crossovers are available along with a list of TorLinks. These links are different than the links on the hidden wiki. Similar to .onion sites, these links may disappear and go offline.