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A question i have not seen yet


Hello people! So i'm about to make my first order, however, i have a question regardung where i should ship it. So, i can't send stuff to my house for various reasons. PO boxes from what i've read are not reccomended. However, in my city there's this guy who owns a shop where you can send "packages" to him and you pay him like 2 euros. I just have to tell him my name so that he knows its for me. No ID card, no online registration etc. How secure does that sound to you guys? This place is quite far from my house (although its still in my city), would that ring any alarms in the postal systems? My point is, i don't have to give him my ID card nor i have to do any type of registration like you have to do for PO boxes. It's just this guy that owns a shop that sells house tools to earn a little extra cash (that he doesn't declare). You only pay him in cash. What kind of security flaws would you see in doing this? Thanks in advance guys!

If you can give him a fake name then this could work well, like any anonymous mailbox you only have to be careful not to use it for a too long time.
Then if they get some vendors buyer database in a year or 2 then you are already gone and no one knows who you are.
Would it raise flags to send to his place? Unlikely unless he already receives a lot of drugs or has other links to the dark web markets.


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