Author Topic: Likelihood of getting busted as a buyer?  (Read 3451 times)


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Likelihood of getting busted as a buyer?
« on: November 16, 2019, 11:42:17 PM »
thread subject pretty much says it.

I'm wondering how likely it is to be busted as a buyer of small quantities.

tried the search engine quite a bit, but couldn't find any answers.

i am particuarly interested in the situation in germany. suppose, someone only orders quite small quantities mostly from domestic vendors. sometimes it arrives, sometimes it doesn't.
would law enforcement even give a fuck going after that? i.e., could you be somewhat on their radar, that they'd check regularly search one's mail? that sounds highly unlikely to me, still wondering though...
as far as i know, german police can only scan mail of someone, when they have a good reason to do so, and being a small-scale user/buyer doesn't seem worth the effort to them

any ideas or experience?


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Re: Likelihood of getting busted as a buyer?
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2019, 11:50:42 PM »
Not that anyone should be expected to trust my input as this is a fresh account, but...
I am a regular buyer on the DNM, various markets. I won't say anything about my location but i only order domestically. I have a strict rule about that for the same reasons you made this thread. I have received orders internationally before, but only 2 or 3 and only very very small quantities (a few hits of acid, gram of molly, etc.)
but never large orders. and i dont even do small international orders anymore due to new regulations regarding international packages in my country.
I have been successfully landing ounces of molly and between 1-10 sheets of acid at a time for quite a while. Again, ONLY DOMESTIC ORDERS. usually higher prices but lowest chance of being seized.
only had one scare so far. had to wait several several weeks for a pack containing several grams of mdma one time. it eventually landed and the box was crushed so badly on one side that the contents could have nearly fallen out. But it was there and the contents in tact. My best guess is it was lost and someone set another heavy package on top of it?? still don't know but i have been going steady for a long while since then with no trouble at all. not moving massive amounts, but i go through probably a quarter pound of mdma, ounce at a time, maybe every 3 months.

IMO If you are strictly a DNM buyer, order strictly domestic, constantly improve OPSEC any way you can, Don't be an idiot..... and then watch the money rain down on you my friend. Smile

I will also add, concerning seized markets and LE going after users....
use fresh accounts with different random usernames. use each account for maybe 1-3 large orders then create new ones with new encryption keys. They will likely write you off as small fish if/when the market is seized. I refresh my accounts and encryption keys quite frequently. Vendors are the only ones that really NEED to keep the same username across markets and maintain a reputation. Only time this is a downfall is when you cant buy from certain vendors who require you to have so many buys or whatever on your market account because somehow that makes you seem more legit.